4 Benefits for Choosing Serviced Accommodation

We all have our own unique food routines and preferences. You might have a rigid schedule that you stick to, absolutely hate mushrooms or have to meticulously plan each meal around that pesky milk allergy, especially when being provided food by someone else. Food is personal and only you know your tastebuds well enough to get it exactly right!

So what happens when you have to travel for business or leisure? Choosing a serviced hotel for your trip may be the answer. Keep reading for 4 reasons why we believe self-catering takes away the stress and adds in a touch of home comfort!

1. Do Not Disturb!

It’s been a busy day. You’ve been running from meeting to meeting, or maybe you’ve spent the day sightseeing and racking up the step count. Let’s face it, you’re exhausted and ready to chow down on a hearty meal. Do you really want to spend your evening queueing up in a crowded dining hall, surrounded by other individuals and families as you try to eat your meal in peace? 

When you have your own serviced apartment, complete with a fully equipped kitchenette, privacy is no issue. Chill out and switch on the TV or put on some background music. Whatever your preference, you can be certain that you will not be disturbed when you’re surrounded by all the comforts of home.

2. No Judgement Here

What’s your favourite food? Pineapple on pizza? Anything drowned in ketchup? Or maybe, you just love baked beans. With self-catering you can cook yourself anything you want and no one will judge you! This is especially important if you are closely following a strict diet that you don’t want to stray from. 

The choice is endless with self serviced apartments, just hit the shops and cook up whatever you fancy. You may even use this opportunity to cook something adventurous – though we wouldn’t blame you if you opt for a taste of home whilst you’re away.

3. Save Your Pennies!

All inclusive stays may shout ‘value for money’ and seem like the worry-free choice, however these types of accommodation normally come with a set of rules. Whether it be a strict time table or, more than likely, a limited menu, you may end up spending more than you plan to by stocking up on snacks and eating out. 

Self-catering means you know exactly what you are spending and you can monitor your own budget. Buying your food from the supermarket or visiting the local market is budget-friendly and there are no nasty surprises. 

4. Get Authentic

If the thought of cooking for yourself every day puts you off, think again! Self-catering means you have a choice. If you don’t fancy cooking that day, just head on out and find yourself a restaurant. We would recommend researching the local cuisine and finding a spot that the locals love.

Did you know, here at Signature Suites we have 47 restaurants within 0.3 miles? Local favourites such as Bombay Brasserie and Salamis Taverna are just seconds away from our luxury hotel apartments. You really do get the best of both worlds!

Peterborough Aparthotels

Are you convinced? If you’re still unsure, check out what some of our previous customers have to say about choosing self-catering accommodation. Our aparthotels all include fully-equipped kitchenettes to make sure you have all the tools for a stress-free and relaxing stay.

If you are looking for a self service apartment in Peterborough with a touch of luxury, contact us today.