5 Benefits Of Serviced Apartments in Peterborough For Business Travellers

Here at Signature Suites we have some stunning, high quality serviced hotel apartments in Peterborough which are great for people visiting the area for business or leisure. In this blog post we talk about the benefits of our hotels for business travellers in Peterborough – we think you might be surprised at just how beneficial serviced apartments are!

Additional Space

When you stay in a serviced apartment you gain so much more space than you would have in a hotel. You don’t need to sit in the hotel bar to enjoy a drink and the football match, or cram your work onto the small desk in the hotel room. A serviced apartment gives you your very own sofa and TV so you enjoy your favourite TV program with a cold beer, fresh out your own fridge. If you do need to work in the evening or before a meeting, you have a large table that you can do that from too. Then, when you are ready for bed, your bedroom is in a separate place, it’s not all in one room.

Make Longer Stays, Cheaper

Unlike hotels, when you book a serviced apartment you can book for longer stays as well as shorter stays, and when you do this you can gain a large discount on your stay too. On top of this you will see there are no additional charges such as room service fees or the extortionate costs of the mini bar. Instead you can create your own mini bar in the fridge and put whatever you want in there.

Great Locations

Our serviced apartments in Peterborough are well located in popular areas. Whether you need to be near the major companies in the city for meetings, you need to have restaurants nearby for dining clients or would like to be close to the theatre for a special night out – then our serviced apartments are right where you need them, in the heart of Peterborough.

Free Wi-Fi in Peterborough

Not only is the Wi-Fi free in our serviced apartments, it is also good quality Wi-Fi and will be strong enough to meet your needs. Unlike the hotel Wi-Fi you will not need t be a card to join for the day, or find it drops in and out when you need it most. We offer free Wi-Fi access as standard to everyone staying in our serviced apartments.

Brilliant Meeting Spaces in Peterborough

A serviced apartment offers you the extra space to hold smaller meetings in your home. You can have meetings around the dining room table, and even order a take-away if the meeting goes on for longer than planned. All your colleagues or clients’ sitting round your hotel room bed doesn’t quite have the same professional feel does it?
These are just some of the many benefits of serviced apartments to business travellers in Peterborough. Why not book your next business stay in Peterborough with us, to see all the other benefits for yourself.