Hot Desking in Peterborough

If you are staying in Peterborough for business and you have multiple meetings across the city, you may find the need for hot desking. Hot desking allows you to work from a desk all day long, and be surrounded by other people doing exactly the same thing.

There are two main places where you can do hot desking in Peterborough, with discussion of more coming to the city centre soon. However, it is important to remember that when you stay with Signature Suites you will have a serviced apartment that offers you a large dining room table that you can work from.

However, if you enjoy that office atmosphere and need noise around you to get stuck in then these hot desking options in Peterborough could be for you.

Regus offers hot desking in Peterborough at Stuart House, which is a very short walk from the shops in the city centre of Peterborough. You will need to book your hot desk in advance, but you will find the location to be very business focused and professional.

Hot desking through Regus is charged, but they also have meeting rooms available for hire if clients are coming to you.

Allia Future Business Centre is near the football stadium in Peterborough. There are numerous pods where you can work throughout the day, and there is a cafe where you can grab some food and drink while you are working.

The Allia Future Business Centre is a noisier place to work from, as you will be surrounded by people from offices grabbing their lunches and people having informal meetings in the space available. This does give you an opportunity to network with other people in business that will be in the Grow Cafe or hot desking too.

You can work from the Allia Future Business Centre for free, use the meeting room pods for free, or book a private meeting room if you have a more confidential meeting.

Remember, for smaller meetings you can always invite clients and colleagues to your Peterborough aparthotel where meetings can be held around the dining table, or you have the ability to work from ‘home’ in your serviced apartment.