How to Explore a New City

Here in the UK we always talk about holidays overseas and exploring cities across the globe. However, having just enjoyed a hot and sunny bank holiday weekend in the United Kingdom, it shows us that the UK has so much to offer and each city is different in many ways. Why not take the time to explore new cities closer to home, instead of travelling overseas?

But how can you explore a new city?

Take Public Transport

Instead of driving around a new city, why not take public transport. This way you can really see and enjoy all the sights that the city has to offer. You may also spot somewhere new or interesting on the way, which you want to visit later.

Don’t Plan It All

It’s a good idea to have one or two places that you want to visit in the city, but try not to plan it all. For example, Peterborough is the City of festivals. It would be a real shame to visit Peterborough and miss out on the current festival because you have something else planned in that you can visit any time of the year. Why not spend time at your accommodation in Peterborough looking at the different places to visit and what is on locally.

New Places to Eat

There are the same common food chains that can be found in all cities and you can eat there. However, why not try something new and different. As you arrive at your accommodation in Peterborough check out what is in the local area and within walking distance. This way you can have a few drinks, and still be able to walk back.


Before you visit the city check out what makes it different and unique. For example, in Peterborough we have a cathedral that is over 900 years old and the largest sea monster skeleton in the world at Peterborough Museum. There is loads of history and culture across the city of Peterborough, along with green spaces and outdoor activities. Peterborough is lucky enough to have 3 theatres, so there will always be a show on that you might enjoy.

Visit the Tourism Office

All cities have a tourism office.  This is where you can find out about all the local attractions, things to do, festivals and shows. Go to your tourism office, tell them what you like, and they will recommend a great place for you to visit in Peterborough.

When booking your accommodation in Peterborough think about what you want to be near. For example, would you like to be in the city centre where everything is within walking distance? Alternatively would you prefer to be out of the city centre a little bit for a quieter stay?

Whatever your accommodation needs in Peterborough, we can help. Contact us now to book your stay – we can’t wait for you to explore the city!

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